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5 Traits To Look For In A Solar Installation Company

If you are looking to have solar panels installed on your home, you will want to find a full-service solar installation company to work with. A full-service solar installation company will help you find the right product, install it, and get your system up and running. When looking for a full-service solar installation company, there are a few traits you should look for.  

Solar Industry Experience  

First, you want to find a solar installation company that is experienced. There are a few ways to determine if a solar installer is experienced. To start with, you can ask the solar company and find out how many years of hands-on experience they have in the solar industry. You want to collaborate with a company with at least a couple of years of hands-on experience.  

Another way to determine experience is to see if their business has passed the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification process. NABCEP offers one of the few national certification programs for solar installers and demonstrates that the company has an elevated level of expertise.   

Electrical & Contractors' Licenses & Insurance  

When working with a contractor, you want to ensure they hold the right level of licenses and insurance.  

Most states don't have a business license designed just for solar installers. Instead, find out if your solar installer has general contracting, home improvement, home performance, or electrician licenses. Any of these types of licenses will show that the solar installer has demonstrated to your state that they have the right knowledge and expertise to work on a building.   

It is particularly important to verify the solar installers' electrical license, as they will be handling the wiring and set-up of the electrical components of your solar system.  

Additionally, as with any contractor, you want to ensure they carry liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance so that if a worker is hurt while installing a solar panel or your home is damaged during the installation process, you are not on the financial hook for these situations.  

Reputation for Solid Craftsmanship and Working Products

Next, take some time to investigate their reputation. Look at past solar reviews and pay attention to how many people said that their installation process went smoothly and that they were able to transition to consistent solar power. Keep an eye out for reviews where previous customers mention that their roof and building were damaged or that the solar panels did not work and provide the electricity they expected.  

You want to work with a solar installer who will respect your property and install panels that will work consistently and provide you with another energy source.  

Workmanship Warranties  

Look for a solar company that offers you a workmanship warranty. A workmanship warranty covers anything having to do with the work of installing the solar panels. For example, the workmanship warranty would cover the repairs if a panel becomes loose because it was not properly secured.  

When examining the warranty period, look at how long the solar company has been in business. You want to work with a provider with a track record of work in the industry in order to ensure that the company will be around to fulfill their warranty for the entire warranty period, however long that may be.  

Solar Knowledgeable  

Finally, you want to find a solar company that is knowledgeable on the latest industry trends. You want to find a company that can explain different solar options to you. Look for a company that will provide you with a free consultation and choose someone who can answer your questions and explain their products in a way you understand.  

When it comes to installing solar panels on your home, you want to look for a company with both general contracting and electrical licenses. Look for a company that has been in business for a while and has a track record of successful installation. Try to find a company with NABCEP certification that is knowledgeable and approachable about their product. 

Contact a solar installation company to learn more.